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Costco Customers Aren't Exactly Satisfied With Its Premade Thanksgiving Meals

Costco premade Thanksgiving meal
Costco premade Thanksgiving meal - Military_Dollar / X, formerly known as Twitter

When Turkey Day rolls around, it can be a little overwhelming if your guests expect you to spend the day making a large and delicious spread that will satisfy everyone. Costco wants to help those who don't have the time or energy to commit to cooking a Thanksgiving feast by creating a premade turkey dinner. However, the retail giant may be selling customers short with these dinner trays.

Costco's premade Thanksgiving meals contain ½ of a turkey breast and relatively small portions of Yukon gold potatoes, herbed stuffing, cranberry sauce, green beans, and poultry gravy. Although the wholesale store sells these dinner trays for only $3.99 per pound, Costco claims these can serve up to seven or eight people. While the members-only warehouse may be known for having some of the best shopping deals around, social media is criticizing Costco for missing the mark on these supposed Thanksgiving saviors.

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Not Enough Satisfying Food For The Price

Costco's premade Thanksgiving meal turkey in a pan on a stove
Costco's premade Thanksgiving meal turkey in a pan on a stove - grboshell / X, formerly known as Twitter

TikToker shared a video of Costco's premade Thanksgiving meals, claiming that the meals are awesome. However, TikTok largely disagreed, as some pointed out that the suggested servings of the dinner trays don't seem to fulfill their promise. One user said, "7-8 people!!?? [...] I can eat that in one or maybe two days."

Other commenters noted that the price on the placard above the premade Thanksgiving meal station was deceptively listed at $3.99. "They fooled me," one commenter said.

Costco's premade Thanksgiving meals actually cost $36.19, and some users think that may not be worth it. Another shopper who ate the meal shared that the dinner tray didn't satisfy them for how much it costs, and others thought some of the meal was boring. If you're looking for a premade Thanksgiving meal to save time from prepping and cooking on Turkey Day, maybe you should look somewhere other than Costco.

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