Corrie's Joel Deering makes tense phone call to mystery woman

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street has hinted that Joel Deering is hiding a secret, following a tense meeting with a mysterious woman.

Tonight's (February 9) episode saw Joel acting suspiciously after a confrontation in the Bistro with a woman named Emily.

Joel headed over to see his girlfriend Dee-Dee for a quick lunch date, only for her to reject his offer as she was currently "snowed under" with cases.

After hearing that she'd forgotten about a potential client meeting later that day, Joel offered to step in and save the day by meeting the client while Dee-Dee cracked on with her work.

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At the Bistro, Joel met with the woman to discuss her case. However, their meeting was interrupted after Emily stormed into their meeting and refused to leave - derailing his meeting with the client.

"I told you I would sort this out and I will," Joel told her, attempting to steer the conversation out of the Bistro, but Emily refused to leave.

"Fine, but let's go somewhere more private," he replied, as Toyah watched on in the background.

Later on, Joel lied about the meeting to Dee-Dee, instead telling her that the client's case was a waste of time. However, Dee-Dee was soon left with more than work to think about after letting slip to Joel that she loved him in the conversation.

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Mortified about her earlier declaration of love, Dee-Dee was left panicked that Joel would end their relationship over her admitting her feelings.

Fortunately, the pair were able to clear the air over their earlier miscommunication at the Bistro, with Joel admitting that he was also falling in love with her.

However, Joel was unable to enjoy his evening due to the constant barrage of calls and messages from Emily. Making his excuses, Joel cut their evening plans short before ringing Emily and warning her to back off.

What secret is Joel hiding?

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