'What keeps you up at night?': PM's emotional moment after personal question

Louise Cheer
News Editor

Prime Minister Scott Morrison appeared to get emotional while speaking about his grandmother after announcing free childcare for essential workers as the coronavirus pandemic continues.

Mr Morrison was asked: “what keeps you awake at night?”, amid this coronavirus crisis and what kind of discussions he had with his family who were with him in Canberra.

“To be honest, I am pleased that my family is with me,” he said.

“That is a great comfort to me and I hope it is a comfort to them. But they sustain me and we are just like any other family, I suppose, in many other respects.

Scott Morrison appeared to become emotional while speaking at a coronavirus press conference.

“You talk to your kids about what this means and I suppose the really difficult issue for all of us is trying to imagine the world on the other side of this, and to give your family some positive and encouraging news about how amazing Australia is and how we all come out of this.”

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As he continued, Mr Morrison’s voice wavered momentarily as he spoke about his grandmother.

“I think back to my grandmother and how she lived through the Depression and I remember as a kid being told stories by my grandmother about what they used to do as a family to get through,” the prime minister said.

“And we are doing the same thing in our house. We are keeping each other entertained, as I said the other day, they’re doing a lot of jigsaw puzzles. Jigsaw sales are soaring, I understand.

“You have got to keep your family positive and keep connected and together. To us, our faith is very important to us that helps us get through each day. 

“But every family is different. Stay together, Australia.”

The prime minister announces the government's childcare package at a press conference at Parliament House. Source: AAP
Mr Morrison pictured with wife Jenny (left) and children Abbey (right) and Lily (second left). Source: AAP

Mr Morrison’s mention of his grandmother touched the hearts of some Australians, with one social media user writing: “ScoMo just made me cry when talking about his grandmother. I love our PM, you are doing Australia proud.”

“What a difficult job with so much pressure unprecedented. Can’t imagine what he is going through,” one woman wrote.

Another person pointed out the prime minister sounded “exhausted and unwell”.

“Politics aside, this man is working endlessly for all of us and deserves recognition. I hope he takes time to look after himself during this as he goes to sleep at night with the weight of the entire country on his shoulders. My heart goes out to him and his family,” the Facebook user wrote.

A third viewer commended the reporter for their “personal question”.

“Focusing on data is a coping mechanism,” the Twitter user said.

“The humanity on show in his response was a pretty powerful indication that we are, in fact, all in this together.”

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