Coronavirus restrictions: What you can and can't do this Easter long weekend

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With a number of restrictions still in place to stop the spread of coronavirus in Australia, you might be wondering exactly what you can do across the Easter long weekend.

Yahoo News Australia looks at where you can go amid the restrictions.

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You still can’t go to the gym, visit the pub for a drink or sit down and enjoy a coffee at your local cafe – so, what exactly can you do?

Well, it depends what state you live in.

Can I go for a swim at the beach?

NSW: If you’re looking to hit the surf keep in mind all beaches in Waverley and Randwick council areas, including Bondi, are closed along with beaches at Manly and Dee Why in Sydney's north following mass gatherings. Most other beaches remain open for local residents for exercise only.

Exercise is allowed with police saying it's limited to two people together or a household. Sunbaking is not regarded as exercise.

Manly Beach is closed for the foreseeable future. Source: Getty Images

Victoria: Some of Victoria’s beaches are still accessible for exercise.

However, St Kilda Beach, Rye Front and Ocean Beaches, Bells Beach, Anglesea Main Beach, Lorne Main Beach are all shut.

Queensland: Queenslanders have been told to stay in their suburbs.

Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate made the decision to close The Spit, Surfers Paradise and Coolangatta beaches on Monday. People can exercise, including surf, on other beaches if living within walking distance.

South Australia: All of South Australia’s beaches are open but people are urged to stay away. 

Exercise is allowed but restricted to groups of two. Sunbaking is also possible for groups under 10 people – one per four square metres.

Western Australia: The WA government has warned popular metropolitan beaches such as Cottesloe may be closed if there is widespread social distancing breaches.

Preston Beach in the Shire of Waroona is closed and there’s restricted vehicle access to White Hills and Tims Thicket beaches in Mandurah to deter holidaymakers.

Tasmania: Beaches in national parks and reserves are off limits in Tasmania as part of closures but council-controlled beaches are still open.

Northern Territory: Beaches remain open, with police enforcing a limit of 10 people, but encouraging no more than two or family-only groups.

Surfers Paradise beach was among a number of Gold Coast beaches shut this week. Source: Getty Images

Can I visit my friend’s house?

NSW: In most cases, no. NSW Police said on Facebook on Tuesday “visiting family/friends over the Easter break to socialise is NOT a reasonable excuse.” People who are providing care for a family member at another home are allowed.

Victoria: No, social visits are not permitted. 

Queensland: Yes, but this is limited to two other people who are not in your home as long as social distancing measures are being taken.

Social visits in Victoria aren't permitted. Source: Getty Images (file pic)

Western Australia: Yes, indoor and outdoor gatherings are limited to two people, excluding household members.

South Australia: Yes, although it is strongly discouraged for groups larger than two to meet. A gathering must include less than 10 people. 

Northern Territory: Yes, the Northern Territory does not have a set number of people that are allowed to meet, as long as it is a small group. 

Tasmania: No, you cannot visit another household for a “social visit”.

Can I go for a jog? Can I workout with a friend?

All states and territories: You should be okay to leave the house and exercise as it’s specified as an essential requirement alongside buying groceries or receiving medical treatment.

That being said, most areas with exercise equipment remain closed to stop people from congregating.

If you choose to go outside and workout you can only be with one other person.

Julia Basa leads an online ZUMBA Fitness session from her backyard in Melbourne. Most exercise in Victoria is fine as long as social distancing is followed. Source: Getty Images

Can I go fishing?

NSW: It’s allowed but just be careful where you go.

"If fishing is your exercise then you can fish. But if you end up on a wharf with 50 other people, then we get back to safe distancing and getting tickets,” NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller said.

Victoria: Fishing is banned during the pandemic.

Queensland: Boats can be taken out locally to catch fish for food or travel for essential reasons, with no more than two people, or immediate family members on board.

A man fishes off the Wynnum foreshore in Brisbane. Source: AAP

South Australia: Recreational fishing is still allowed from the shore and boats.

Western Australia: Recreational fishers are being told to stay home.

Tasmania: A maximum of two people allowed on day-fishing trips and must return to their primary residence. Boats can only be launched from the municipality of the owner's primary residence.

Northern Territory: Only two people are allowed per boat or households for fishing. It’s recommended to delay trips and return later if ramps are crowded.

ACT: The ACT government is asking people to question whether fishing is “essential” over this period and to practise good hygiene if choosing to do so.

Can I buy Easter eggs?

All states and territories: Chocolate eggs aren’t exactly considered essential so if you do need to purchase some make sure they’re bought alongside items you need such as meat, vegetables, milk, bread and cleaning products.

Explaining to police that you’ve stepped out just to buy Easter eggs could lead to a fine.

Is it OK for me to do a DIY project?

All states and territories: Bunnings does do deliveries but just be mindful if you have to go into one or any other hardware store for that matter there could be delays due to social distancing.

There’s no issue spending time working on a birdhouse or building a cubby for the kids but just make sure you’re doing it at home.

Going out in public to build something isn’t considered an essential activity unless it’s what you do for work.

Can I visit my partner?

NSW: In NSW it’s OK as it falls under care for another person.

Victoria: Victoria was initially strict on this rule but eased it. You can visit your partner.

Queensland: Yes. Queensland now allows two visitors at a residence at a time.

Western Australia: It should be fine as long as you don’t cross different parts of WA for a visit. For example you live in the Pilbara and they live in Kimberley, then you won’t be able to.

Tasmania, South Australia, the Northern Territory and ACT: Tasmanians, South Australians and people living in the NT and ACT are allowed to visit their partners.

Can I play golf?

NSW: Golf is OK, but not in groups of more than two.

Victoria: All golf courses are shut for the weekend.

A man enjoys a game of golf at Woollahra Golf Club in Sydney. Source: Getty Images

WA: Many golf courses are open but Cottesloe, Joondalup, Sun City and The Cut are among top-rated courses closed in the metro area. Some country clubs including Bremer Bay are closed. The two-person or household restriction applies.

South Australia: Some courses are closed, but golfing is allowed elsewhere, with no more than 10 people in a group.

Queensland: Golf courses also remain open but groups are limited to two people. One person is allowed in a cart at a time.

Tasmania: Social golf only is allowed, with a limit of two people per hole. That means a maximum of 36 people on an 18-hole course.

Northern Territory: All 11 golf courses in the NT have been ordered to close.

ACT: The same rules are in place as NSW for golf in the ACT with anyone playing restricted to groups of two.

Can I go to church?

No. All places of worship across all states must remain closed to the public during the Easter period. 

Services will be live streamed for churchgoers.

Only clergy and those formally involved in services are permitted to attend.

Father Tony Sarkis sits in a pew amongst images of his congregation at Our Lady of Lebanon Co-Cathedral in Sydney's suburb of Harris Park. Source: Getty Images

Can I go for a bike ride?

NSW: Going for a bike ride is fine but only with the same two-person or household restriction as for beaches and bushwalking.

Victoria: Solo, two-person and household group bike rides are permitted, but Bicycle Network says: "Do not go on any group, organised training or bunch rides."

Queensland: Riding alone or with one other person or those from the same household is also fine.

South Australia: Cycling is allowed, but people are urged to stick to groups of no more than two and are advised to cycle only with others from the same household.

A man walks through Adelaide's CBD donning a mask. Source: Getty Images

WA: Cycling is allowed, with the same two-person or household restriction as other activities.

Tasmania: Cycling’s the same as other states - just follow social distancing rules.

Northern Territory: Cycling’s allowed on roads but legally required to be in groups of 10 or less. It’s advised to limit it to two.

ACT: Cycling’s fine as long as social distancing measures are followed.

A closed playground at Langley Park in Perth. Source: Getty Images

Can I go to the markets?

You can still go to the markets but many of them remain closed around the country. If there’s a specific market you wish to go to it’s worth double-checking they aren’t shut.

NSW: Sydney Fish Market remains open with extended hours on Good Friday from 5am until 5pm and will remain open across the long weekend. The market also has introduced hand sanitisers at a number of areas “and an increased cleaning regime of common touch points across our retail and operational areas”.

Victoria: Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Market remains open but is closed on Good Friday.

South Australia: Adelaide Farmers’ Market is open on Easter Sunday from 9am until 1pm. Keep in mind it’s been moved to the Adelaide Showground.

Western Australia: Subi Farmers’ Market in Perth on Saturday from 8am until 12pm at Earthwise Community near Subiaco Primary School.

Northern Territory: Darwin’s Nightcliff Market remains open on Sundays from 8am until 2pm.

Queensland: The Jan Powers Farmers Markets are open on Saturday in front of the Powerhouse from 6am until 12pm.

ACT: Southside Farmers Market is open on Easter Sunday from 8am until 12.30pm.

Tasmania: Most of Tasmania’s markets including Melville Street Market and Salmanca are closed due to the pandemic.

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