Dad coughs throughout TV interview after being cleared of coronavirus

A man just released from quarantine with his three-year-old daughter after being cleared of the coronavirus appeared to repeatedly cough throughout a television interview.

Frank Wucinski and his daughter, Annabel, returned to Pennsylvania after they were evacuated from Wuhan on February 4 and quarantined twice.

Mr Wucinski has lived in China for more than 15 years, much of that time was spent in Wuhan – the epicentre for the coronavirus.

Frank Wucinski and his daughter, Annabel, both tested negative for the coronavirus after evacuating from Wuhan. Source: Fox News

Speaking to Fox News, Mr Wucinski said he and his daughter were separated once they got to the United States.

A few days after they arrived Annabel coughed in front of medical staff, which prompted them to suggest the two go to the medical tent.

From there the Wucinskis spent a further three days in isolation at a children’s hospital.

During the interview, the father started coughing when talking about his experience, thoughts about the coronavirus and the concern around the spread of the disease.

“Fortunately from what I understand, you know, it is contagious but the death rate is pretty low,” he said before he started to cough.

“So yeah, I understand the fear.”

Mr Wucinski said he and his daughter both tested negative for the coronavirus, but the pair are meant to go for follow-up checkups. He is now looking into if insurance will cover the cost.

His wife was not able to leave on the evacuation flight as she is a Chinese citizen and only has a tourist visa.

She wanted to remain behind to care for her father who has been infected with the coronavirus, according to the GoFundMe Mr Wucinski set up.

Mr Wucinski’s father-in-law has since died from the coronavirus.

“She [Mr Wucinski’s wife] still hasn’t been able to have a funeral for her father, and the mix of boredom and grief is taking its toll,” he wrote on the fundraising page.

Three months ago the Wucinskis went to Wuhan following the death of Mr Wucinski’s mother-in-law.

The father and daughter are now in the United States, but his wife remains in Wuhan. Source: Go Fund Me

The GoFundMe was initially set up to help raise money to get Ms Wucinski to the United States.

“We miss her dearly and I know what she is going through with her father, without her family to support her, is destroying her,” Mr Wucinski wrote.

“I don’t know what to do, but I want to try anything I can.”

Now, as Mr Wucinski is looking to get insurance for him and his daughter, he has to pay the medical bills for his time in quarantine and he has not got access to his bank account.

“Medical bills have started to roll in, for our six days in isolation at the hospital,” Mr Wucinski said in a February 27 update.

“This was a bit of a surprise, as I assumed it would be covered because we were forced to go. So, thank you for your donations.

“The money will help pay off these bills.”

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