How to stay motivated when you're working out from home

Sarah Carty
Features & Style Editor

With gyms closed all over the world during the coronavirus pandemic, many people are now working out from their living rooms.

Exercise equipment has sold out in many shops and, like many others, you might be finding your motivation seriously lacking during this time.

If you're finding you're lacking motivation to workout from home, you're not alone. Photo: Getty Images

Kate Allott, national fitness manager at Anytime Fitness in Australia, explained to Yahoo Lifestyle why you might be struggling to get moving in your own home and how you can change your mindset.

One of the first things to remember is to not go hard on yourself, as according to Kate, “habits don’t happen in a day, they start daily”.

It’s not a habit

For many people exercising from home is not a habit they’re used to and it can take time to adjust to a new routine.

She recommends starting small and building up to longer and more frequent sessions and soon it’ll become a routine for you.

Give yourself the gift of time and intentionally block time for exercise. Don’t presume it will happen,” Kate said.

“Write down the night before, or at the start of your day what exercise you aim to complete. You’ll find yourself more accountable when it is already scheduled in your planner.”

Set yourself a goal and don't be too hard on yourself if you don't pick it all up in quick-fire time. Photo: Getty Images

Create your own space

It’s also important to set up an area especially for exercise so you can set it aside in your mind from the space where you’re working from home.

Not knowing where you can do exercise is half the struggle,” she said. “Set up a space with plenty of room to move, and keep a mat/towel plus any of your equipment permanently there.”

You don’t know what to do

Another reason your motivation may be lacking in the exercise department is because you actually don’t know how you can stay fit at home.

Designing sessions and programs for yourself can be really daunting – especially if you’re used to attending studio classes,” Kate said.

Kate recommends using a guided fitness app, such as Anytime Workouts, which can help you design sessions based on your level of fitness and goals, as well as take you through virtual classes. 

Get to know different apps and find a workout that you really love to do from home. Photo: Getty Images

You’re not enjoying your workouts

For other people, they might just not be enjoying the workouts they’re doing at home and need to switch it up.

“Go back to why you want to exercise, and how you want to feel after it - then the type of session will answer itself,” Kate said.

“It’s more sustainable to find exercise that works for you, and makes you feel great after it. That’s the only thing that will keep you coming back.”

You don’t have any equipment

While gym fanatics have been stressing over the lack of exercise equipment on the market after panic buyers cleared shelves last month, Kate reckons you don’t even need to have the best gym gear to workout at home.  

Cardio is free, and if you move fast enough for long enough, your heart rate will meet you there regardless of equipment,” she said.

“If you want to be creative, use some household items like your lounge for squats and decline push-ups, or makeshift a backpack with lots of heavy books inside.”

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