'Super clever': Genius coronavirus pool noodle hack stuns

Kristine Tarbert
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A woman has shared her handy little trick to help stop the spread of the coronavirus particularly at busy supermarkets.

Posting a video to TikTok that has since gone viral with over 2.6M views, the woman from the US revealed how a $1 pool noodle can save the day if the supermarket has run out of shopping trolley wipes.

“No wipes for the store cart? No problem,” she wrote.

Shopping cart in supermarket. Caucasian or latin man hands hold shopping trolley in supermarket aisle.
Supermarkets have been trying to wipe down trolley handles between customers. Photo: Getty

While supermarket staff are doing their best to wipe down the trolleys in between customers you can never be too cautious during a global pandemic.

In the clip, the woman explains she cuts a small section of the noodle and slices it lengthways so it has a thin opening down the length of the noodle.

“I just slit it down the middle, I decorated mine but you can do what you want, and I just place it in the trolley bar when there are no sanitation wipes just so that I can keep myself clean and I'm not touching the bar,” she said.

“I just sanitise it when I get in my car and reuse it.”

coronavirus pool noodle trolley hack
The woman simply places a pool noodle over her trolley bar. Photo: TikTok

The post was flooded with thousands of comments and the simple hack was hailed ‘creative’, ‘fantastic’ and ‘genius’.

“Great idea, thanks for sharing,” one person commented.

“I love this,” another agreed.

While a third wrote: “This is really innovative and I will be trying this.”

A few ‘negative Karens’ pointed out that she was still likely to transfer germs onto the noodle from items she touched in the store but as she then rightly responded it’s all about ‘minimising’ the spread.

And she makes sure to sanitise the noodle once she has finished her shopping and gets back into the car.

Check out the full clip below:

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