Eerie photos show empty airport at holiday spot popular with Aussies

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Images appearing to show an almost deserted Bali airport have been shared on Facebook, demonstrating the impact the coronavirus crisis has had on one of the most popular overseas destinations for Australians.

The Kania Bali Tour company posted the photos on a Facebook group.

“Bali Airport today at 9:30am,” the post read along with several images of the usually crowded airport virtually empty.

The company described the current situation as “very sad” and told Yahoo News Australia they were struggling with an influx of cancellations.

“Usually we are very busy but so many people have cancelled,” a Kania Bali Tour spokesperson said, adding guests were cancelling over coronavirus fears.

Many fans of the popular Aussie holiday spot responded on Facebook concerned over the unusually quiet airport.

An empty Bali airport is seen in this photo with only a few people seen on a balcony.
The usually crowded Bali Airport is virtually deserted as holidays are cancelled over coronavirus fears. Source: Kania Bali Tour/Facebook

“It is very sad. Unfortunately I think tourism the world over is suffering at the moment. Let’s all hope this doesn’t go on too long,” one person wrote.

“I don’t think out of all my years going to Bali I have never seen it like this,” another added.

“Normally this place is packed,” a third social media user said.

A quiet walkway at Bali airport.
'Normally this place is packed,' Bali lovers react to the normally bustling airport. Source: Kania Bali Tour/Facebook

A few people said they were considering cancelling their upcoming plans to visit Bali.

“We are going to decide in the next week whether we will cancel or not, It’s terrible but I feel so sad for our Balinese friends,” one potential traveller wrote.

A few cars are seen parked at Bali Airport.
The car park at Bali Airport holding just a few vehicles. Source: Kania Bali Tour/Facebook

Others declared it only made them want to visit Bali more.

“Now is the time to go!” one person wrote, tagging friends in the post.

“Cheap tickets and no lines! I’m packing my bags now,” another said.

Many vowed to keep their future holiday plans.

“Never fear we are on our way soon!” one soon-to-be holidaymaker wrote.

“I’ll be there in May with my whole family,” another added.

Two men are seen walking inside Bali Airport as it remains largely empty.
A handful of people in a deserted Bali Airport. Source: Facebook

Indonesia has confirmed 34 cases of coronavirus, with a 53-year-old female British tourist the first to die in Bali from the disease on Wednesday.

Australians are advised to “exercise a high degree of caution” by the government’s Smartraveller site.

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