Coronavirus cases rise again in Moscow

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Moscow has reported four consecutive days of more than 3,000 new coronavirus cases, raising fears about the spread of the disease in the Russian capital.

Sunday's figures turned up 3,719 new cases.

But Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said the uptick could be explained by a recent week-long holiday, during which people were less inclined to go to the doctor. That means the cases that would have normally been reported that week are being concentrated in the present.

However, Sobyanin has in the past complained that vaccination drives aren't moving quickly enough in the city.

The percentage of city residents who have been vaccinated is lower than in any other European capitals.

He said it was a "scandal" that many people are refusing vaccination.

At the moment, about 11 per cent of Russians have received a shot against COVID-19. Most lockdown limitations were lifted in Moscow months ago.

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