Aldi CCTV reveals 'ridiculous' extent of toilet paper panic buying

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A viral video shows the desperate measures Australian shoppers have been willing to go in order to get their hands on some toilet paper amid the coronavirus panic buying.

A Melbourne Facebook user posted a video of what appears to be an Aldi supermarket opening to the public as hoards of shoppers scramble to grab a pack of the in-demand bathroom product.

The footage is from an in-store camera which is being played on a computer monitor. As soon as the doors open, the aisle fills with frantic shoppers trying to grab as much toilet paper as they can handle.

Aldi shoppers seen flooding the aisle.
Customers seen on CCTV flooding the supermarket. Source: Facebook

The German-based supermarket giant was slow to enact a limit on the amount of toilet paper customers could purchase per shop. The video was posted on Sunday night, ostensibly before Aldi was enforcing a strict limit on toilet paper purchases.

Both Coles and Woolworths introduced a limit of four packs of toilet paper on Wednesday last week before having to reduce it to a single pack per customer after fights broke out in the aisles of stores.

On Monday, Aldi told Yahoo News Australia it had also reduced its limit to one pack of toilet paper.

Earlier, an Aldi store in Sydney posted a sign informing customers of purchasing restrictions, with a subtle dig at those seen to be engaging in the panic-buying behaviour, which has been decried by many as selfish.

“We want to ensure all customers have access to our products,” the note said.

“We apologise if this act of courtesy is a disruption to your shop.”

A sea of Aldi shoppers scramble madly to grab toilet paper.
The frenzied scene was mocked as 'ridiculous' by those online. Source: Facebook

The latest video is among a torrent of footage posted on social media over the weekend showing anger spilling over as desperate shoppers fight for limited stock.

After being posted on Sunday night, the video has been watched more than 1.2 million times, attracting more than 14,000 comments with internet users criticising overly aggressive shoppers.

“What is wrong with people?” one Facebook user lamented.

“It’s armageddon and all you'll need is bog roll,” another joked.

As images like this have become bizarrely familiar in recent days, many of those who commented called the scene “ridiculous” and “stupid”.

On Tuesday, the federal Health Minister Greg Hunt said more than half of Australia's 100 coronavirus patients had already recovered.

Across the world there are an estimated 114,000 cases in 107 countries, with more than 1000 recorded deaths.

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