Coronation Street's Toyah Battersby to get suspicious in Leanne cult story

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street’s Toyah Battersby is set to grow more suspicious in her sister Leanne’s cult story.

Over the last couple of months, Leanne has become involved with an organisation called The Institute and its leader Rowan Cunliffe, after taking her son Simon to a self-help event the group was running.

Leanne has been paying for courses from The Institute to help instil a more positive mindset, even though those around her, including her partner Nick Tilsley and her sister Toyah, have disapproved.

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In scenes that will air on Friday, May 10, while Leanne gulps down some pills, Nick opens up to Toyah and tells her that he’s discovered £200 is missing from the joint account that he shares with Leanne.

Toyah thinks the worst of her sister and suspects that Leanne has spent this money on The Institute, amid Rowan’s ongoing manipulation.

But is Leanne handing over yet more money to Rowan for the next of his so-called ‘courses’? And will Nick and Toyah decide to confront Leanne over the missing money?

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Leanne has been shown practicing dodgy techniques such as ‘reality coding’ and ‘uploading’, which saw her opening up to Rowan about her traumatic past – but viewers saw that Rowan was secretly recording the personal conversation, unbeknownst to Leanne.

Leanne has even turned against Toyah in her time of need, telling her that "I just can’t absorb your trauma" when her sister wanted to have a sensitive conversation.

Toyah and Nick are concerned that Leanne is getting in too deep with The Institute but have so far struggled to get through to her with their suspicions that Rowan is a conman, as she believes that the organisation is helping her.

Meanwhile, a potential affair between Toyah and Nick has been teased in recent episodes, after she confided in him about her stillborn daughter, and the pair shared an intimate moment following an emotional conversation.

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