Coronation Street's Liam Connor takes the blame as bullying plot continues

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street's Liam Connor left his mum Maria shocked tonight (January 23) when he took the blame over his fight with Dylan.

On Monday's episode, Liam had a confrontation with his bully, Mason, in order to get his phone back after it was stolen.

But before he went face-to-face with Mason, Liam had heard Dylan refer to him as a "loser", which quickly sent things off the rails.

liam, dylan, mason, coronation street

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Liam ended up being goaded by Mason into fighting his former friend Dylan, with the boys' teacher, Mrs. Crawshaw, seeing Dylan on the ground and Liam looking like the aggressor.

Things later escalated when police officer Craig Tinker revealed a complaint of assault had been made against Liam.

In the latest episode, Maria took Liam to the police station, assuring him that everything would be fine as long as he was honest and told the officer everything.

During the sit-down chat, the police officer read out Dylan's account of the fight which put the blame fully on Liam.

When asked if he agreed with the statement, Liam said yes and that he had nothing further to add despite Maria's protests.

With Liam admitting he was at fault, the police office said that, given it was Liam’s first offence, the matter would be resolved if he apologised to Dylan.

Later, back at school, Liam apologised to Dylan in front of the police officer, Mrs Crawshaw, Gary, Maria and Sean.

liam, dylan, mason, coronation street

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After Dylan reluctantly accepted the apology, Maria asked if they could draw a line under the whole thing. But while the matter with the police was over, Mrs Crawshaw said Liam was still suspended as his punishment needed to be in line with his crime.

As the adults argued among themselves, Liam turned to Dylan and said he was really sorry and just wanted things to "go back to normal".

But Dylan issued him with a warning, saying Mason and the others would be waiting when he returned to school.

Will Liam ever tell the truth about Mason and Dylan?

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