Coronation Street's Kit turns nasty as he blows apart Bernie's family

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Kit Green has turned nasty towards his biological mum Bernie Winter in Coronation Street.

Viewers recently discovered that Kit is Bernie's long-lost son and she hid him from the twins, though her attempts to reconcile were initially rejected.

It looked like there may be a family reunion last week when Bernie begged Weatherfield PD detective Kit to help Gemma out of an arrest for theft.

Mother and son were supposed to meet up in Monday's (July 1) episode to discuss how they'd tell Paul and Gemma the truth.

paul and bernie in coronation street

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Bernie arrived at the Rovers to meet with Kit, unaware that he'd gone behind her back to speak with Paul and Gemma on his own.

Kit revealed that Bernie first tried to get in touch with him when he turned 21, yet she never showed up once they planned to meet in person.

"It was only recently I found out that she got drunk and bottled it," Kit told his siblings.

Kit explained that when Bernie got in touch again recently, he tried to help Paul out of his car trouble and Gemma with her arrest.

"She didn't want me to meet you," he claimed. "I had to practically beg her to do this today."

Kit excused himself, but stood just outside the room to listen to Gemma and Paul discuss how shocked they were by Bernie's secrets. A smile crept across Kit's face as the scene faded out.

kit in coronation street

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Over at the pub, seeing as Kit was a no show, Bernie decided she was going to go tell her twins the truth herself.

Bernie arrived at the flat to find her twins were furious, leading Gemma to tell her mum that she's no longer welcome at No.5.

Outside the flat, Kit admitted that he'd masterminded this whole scheme as revenge for Bernie not showing up at their first meeting years earlier.

"How did it feel when you were sat in the pub waiting for me?" he asked. "Not nice is it, when all your emotions are invested in it? "

Kit got into Bernie's face to tell her: "I see you, Bernie, and I know you're scum."

bernie winter in coronation street

Has Kit destroyed Bernie's family life for good?

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