Coronation Street's Kit fears being caught out over corrupt move

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street's Kit Green worries that his career could be under threat next week.

The police detective expects trouble from his more junior colleague Craig Tinker after breaking the rules to protect his half-sister Gemma Winter-Brown.

Last month, Kit's mum Bernie begged him for help after Gemma was arrested for stealing from a shoe shop. Gemma was acting out of desperation, as she couldn't afford to pay for new shoes for her young daughter Carys.

Kit intervened and threatened the store's owner, pressuring him to drop the charges against Gemma.

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Craig caught Kit making the off-the-books visit and has since discovered the family connection between him and Gemma.

Next week, Kit takes steps to protect himself by quizzing Kirk Sutherland about his stepson.

Kit hopes that Kirk will let slip some juicy details that he can use against Craig if necessary, but Kirk insists that Craig is a totally honest person.

This leaves Kit unsettled, as he fears that Craig has the potential to ruin everything for him. Will he have to take other steps to silence his workmate?

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Corrie has explored a more ruthless side to Kit in recent episodes. While he's making a genuine effort to get to know his half-siblings Gemma and Paul, he still wants nothing to do with his mum Bernie.

The sly schemer has also actively worked to drive a wedge between Bernie and her children, wanting revenge for how she gave him up when he was a baby.

Speaking recently about Kit's behaviour, Jacob Roberts – who plays the show newcomer – explained: "He is still very angry – he doesn't want anything to do with [Bernie].

"As far as he is aware she abandoned him twice, once when he was born and then again when he was 20 and he arranged to meet her and she didn't show up. He has a lot of unresolved issues.

"He is getting some perverse pleasure from being round where she is and forging a relationship with his siblings. It will be interesting to see how long he can keep that up before he realises the only way to move forward really is to try and forgive his mum."

Coronation Street airs these scenes on Monday, July 15.

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