Coronation Street's George left unsettled as Liam is branded a bully

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

George Shuttleworth has been left unsettled over Liam Connor wrongly being branded a bully in Coronation Street.

Last week, Liam finally admitted to his mum Maria Connor and stepdad Gary Windass that he was being bullied at school, though he denied Mason and Dylan were behind the abuse.

While he managed to keep his parents from finding out the truth, Liam did agree to a confrontation with the real bully, Mason, to get his phone back after it was stolen.

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In Monday's (January 22) episode, Dylan got an ominous warning from Mason that Liam would be a "dead man" if he turned up for their showdown.

Liam overheard the bullies' threatening conversation, but refused to back down by promising he'd be there to meet Mason face-to-face.

Dylan tried to intervene by warning Liam not to show up or he'd get seriously hurt, yet Liam was insistent that it was time to stand up for himself.

The whole confrontation quickly went off the rails as Liam overheard Dylan referring to him as a "loser" to Mason, leading to Mason goading the two former friends into fighting.

The boys' teacher, Mrs. Crawshaw, arrived just in time to see Dylan crumble to the ground. Mason accused Liam of bullying Dylan, with the teacher believing the villain.

liam, dylan, mason, coronation street

As they brought Liam home from school, the family were accosted in the street by Sean accusing Liam of acting like Tyson Fury with the way he attacked Dylan.

It didn't take long for cracks in Mason's allegation to reveal themselves, especially once George Shuttleworth heard from Sean about the bullying allegation.

George has suspected for a long time that Liam was getting bullied by Mason and Dylan, even trying to intervene at one point as a supportive ear for Liam.

"What I don't understand is, why did Liam go for you in the first place?" George asked Dylan.

Sean immediately cut off George, accusing him of trying to "blame the victim". Dylan was uncomfortable with the way the whole situation had been framed, thus making George even more suspicious as he rushed off.

Sean then warned: "I'm not going to sit back and do nothing. I'll say one thing, watch this space!"

Over at No 5, Gary assured Maria they'd get through everything as a family, but they were stunned when Craig Tinker turned up to reveal a complaint of assault had been made against Liam.

Will George reveal what he knows?

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