Coronation Street's Gemma Winter makes shock discovery after theft

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Gemma Winter has made a shocking discovery following her theft in Coronation Street.

Monday's (June 24) episode on ITV1 and top streaming service ITVX revolved around Gemma facing unintended consequences after stealing a pair of shoes for Carys.

It was an all-around awful day, as Gemma ended up getting a £70 parking fine in the post, meaning she couldn't afford the £45 shoes that Carys asked for.

At the shoe shop, Gemma made a risky decision when the store assistant got distracted, as she decided to do a runner with the shoes.

Once she got home, Bernie was immediately suspicious about how Gemma was able to afford such an expensive pair of shoes.

gemma winter brown, carys, coronation street

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The two went to speak alone upstairs, where Gemme broke down and admitted she'd resorted to stealing because of her financial troubles.

Gemma eventually opted to do the right thing by returning the stolen shoes, but as she approached the shopkeeper, she lost her nerve and dropped her bag before fleeing.

Back at home, Gemma had to brush aside her traumatic day since Joseph had some of his schoolmates around for a kebab dinner.

When it came time for the kids to go, one of the boys bragged about how his dad was going to be picking him up in a fancy new car.

Gemma opened up the door to find that the boy's father was the shopkeeper she'd fled from earlier in the day. The man immediately threatened to call the police, but Gemma begged him not to.

The shopkeeper sent Joseph's mates out to the car so he could have it out with Chesney and Gemma. Gemma tried to explain that she'd wanted to return the shoes, but the man didn't believe her.

gemma winter brown, carys, coronation street

"I panicked and I dropped [the shoes]," Gemma insisted.

Joseph was horrified by Gemma's actions, especially after the shopkeeper stormed out of the house while vowing to call the police.

The soap has already confirmed that the police will be getting involved in future episodes, thus drawing in Gemma's long-lost brother (and detective) Kit Green.

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1 and streams on ITVX.

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