Coronation Street's Ed Bailey makes a confession over fire

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Ed Bailey has made a shocking confession over the fire in Coronation Street.

The cause of last week's fire has been suspicious since it occurred at the same time as Ed was struggling to sell the family construction business.

He'd been in desperate need of cash after confessing to his family over the holidays that he'd had to sell their Christmas presents to make up for money he lost through his gambling addiction.

Craig Tinker had some very serious questions while investigating the fire, so he took Ed in for questioning during Monday's (January 29) episode.

trevor michael georges, ed, in coronation street

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Since Michael was also facing accusations that he may have started the fire, he confronted his father in search of answers.

While Ed denied having anything to do with the fire to his family, he confessed to DS Swain that he had accidentally knocked over some spirits shortly before the blaze.

With suspicion still running high, Michael decided he'd had enough and finally called his mum Aggie to tell her everything that was going on with Ed.

Michael soon revealed to Dee Dee and Ed that he'd filled in Aggie so she would never put her trust in his father again.

"I wish mum never listened to you. She was a mug, but she won't make that mistake again," Michael warned. "She might not be here, but she has the right to know the truth."

Ed was horrified to realise that his wife now knew everything, leading to Dee Dee accusing Michael of "dropping a bomb and running off".

However, as Dee Dee attempted to support her father, he revealed that he hadn't been telling the whole truth about the fire.

channique sterling brown, dee dee, and trevor michael georges, ed, in coronation street

"Everything I told the police was the truth. I didn't start that fire," he told Dee Dee, before adding: "I didn't stop it either."

He explained that the fire started as an accident – he'd turned his back momentarily and the sleeping bag went up in flames.

"My mind went blank… I just froze," he recalled. "I just wanted it all to go away. The yard, the debts, the sleepless nights. And it flashed across my mind, if I just stayed there, it would all be over."

Ed recalled that he ultimately fled to the chippie, before assuring Dee Dee that he knew neighbours Daniel and Bertie were in no danger because they'd gone to town earlier.

"[I] had no idea Michael was in there," Ed tearfully insisted.

An irate Dee Dee accused Ed of being "stupid and selfish" because he expected "the women of [his] family to clean up [his] mess".

"I am so disappointed in you," Dee Dee told her dad.

Dee Dee ultimately agreed not to tell anyone about Ed's secret, but only because she didn't want to put Aggie through any more trauma. Will Ed's secret ever be exposed?

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1 and streams on ITVX.

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