Coronation Street's Carla seizes control of The Rovers after Jenny confession

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Carla Barlow has seized control of The Rovers following Jenny's confession in Coronation Street.

Earlier this week, Carla started to suspect Daisy and Jenny had used money stolen from her factory to buy the pub when Bethany revealed they'd been keeping serial killer Stephen's diary.

Jenny could barely keep a hold of herself in Wednesday's (April 3) episode after Carla brought up Bethany's theory in front of her.

Jenny and Daisy ended up outing themselves when they weren't aware their argument over a designer handbag could be heard in the pub thanks to a microphone for karaoke night.

daisy in coronation street

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When Carla later found her mother-in-law in Victoria Garden, Jenny finally broke down and admitted she'd used the money Stephen stole to buy the pub.

Carla immediately went to turn Jenny and Daisy in to the police, only for Ryan to intervene and convince her they could handle things privately.

During a big showdown, Carla announced that she was asserting ownership of the Rovers Return immediately.

"You're sacked," Carla told Daisy. "Until you two pay me every single penny back, this place is now mine. And if you think I've wronged you, you can take it to the police!"

When Daisy asked about her stepmother's fate, Carla snapped back: "Jenny is hanging on by a thread, okay? Get out of my sight."

carla barlow in coronation street

With Daisy making a hasty exit, Jenny asked Carla how she wanted to "play it" since her daughter-in-law would now be running the pub.

"Until you pay me back, this is my pub now or you go to the police," Carla insisted, with Jenny vowing: "You will get it [the money] back. I promise."

Carla announced that her accountants would be going through the pub's books "with a fine-toothed comb" — with Daisy and Jenny footing the bill for the accountancy fees.

"Just so we're clear, I don't trust you anymore, Jenny, and I don't like you. But, I suppose I'm stuck with you," Carla declared.

After the tense conversation, Ryan stuck around to have it out with Daisy over her lies.

"I made a mistake but I still love you," Daisy insisted.

ryan in coronation street

Ryan wasn't having it, telling her: "This was thought through. This was a game plan. And months of lies… Just because I don't want you locked up doesn't mean that me and you are alright."

Instead of accepting her own responsibility, Daisy turned on Jenny by insisting her stepmum had ruined their lives by telling the truth.

"You wanted that money just as much as I did. I know I can be ruthless and self-obsessed but you are all over the shop and you still think that you're a good person," Daisy unloaded. "News flash, Jennifer, you're a liar and a thief, and you're the same as me!"

Can Daisy and Jenny make things right?

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