Coronation Street's Carla left suspicious over Rovers Return secret

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Carla Barlow has been left suspicious over Daisy and Jenny's Rovers Return secret in Coronation Street.

Viewers know that Daisy and Jenny were able to buy the pub after using serial killer Stephen's diary to gain access to the money he'd stolen from Carla's factory. The diary was discovered in Tuesday's (April 2) episode when Bethany managed to fool Daisy into thinking she wanted to help her prepare dinner for a double date.

Viewers see Bethany suspiciously turn up the temperature on the oven, thus burning the apple pie. When Daisy rushed out to buy another one, Bethany seized the chance to rifle through her rival's cupboards.

Bethany quietly stuffed the diary into her bag, but would later confront Daisy during dinner. During their conversation, Bethany came forward with the theory that Daisy may have used the diary to steal the factory money.

bethany platt in coronation street

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Daisy tried to convince Bethany otherwise, insisting she pinched it from the bin when Audrey threw it out because she thought it might bring Jenny some closure. Daniel hurriedly interrupted to take Bethany home, cutting off the conversation from going further.

In the Rovers, Daisy and Jenny huddled together to try to figure out what they were going to do about the diary being discovered. Daisy thought she may have managed to fool Bethany by claiming she'd only pinched the diary as means of bringing Jenny some closure.

"We've got to get rid of it, we've got to destroy it," Jenny insisted.

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Daisy pointed out that they couldn't destroy the diary now, since Audrey or Carla could come looking for it should Bethany ever tell them. It wasn't Bethany they needed to worry about though, as Ryan inadvertently dropped Daisy and Jenny in it when he revealed the diary's existence to Carla.

"Daisy took it out of Audrey's bin?" a shocked Carla asked.

Ryan revealed Bethany's theory that Daisy must have used the diary to steal the factory's money.

carla barlow in coronation street

"Bethany thinks that Jenny and Daisy found out where my money is from that nutter's journal and then somehow got their paws on it and bought the pub?" Carla asked.

Ryan dismissed the theory as "bonkers" but Carla couldn't shake the feeling that there may be some truth to it…

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