Coronation Street's Bethany makes disturbing discoveries over Nathan

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Bethany Platt has made some disturbing discoveries over the return of Nathan Curtis in Coronation Street.

Earlier this week, Daniel tried to convince Bethany that she was imagining seeing her abuser Nathan at the scene of the police investigation over Lauren's disappearance.

In Friday's (May 10) episode, Bethany managed to prove to Daniel that her fears were completely rational by reviewing the crime reconstruction footage – zooming in on the video showed Nathan was clearly at the site.

She later found out from DS Swain that her abuser was released from prison months ago.

Bethany immediately jumped to the conclusion that Nathan must have been involved in Lauren's disappearance and demanded he be taken in for questioning.

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As there was no evidence linking Nathan to Lauren's disappearance, Bethany was forced to do some digging on her own and discovered Nathan was working at a local construction site.

This led to an unplanned confrontation when Nathan rounded the corner near his worksite and came face-to-face with Bethany and Daniel.

Bethany was irate as she accused Nathan of murdering Lauren. Nathan denied any wrongdoing and threatened that he'd report Bethany for harassment if she didn't leave him alone.

When Nathan pulled out his phone to call 9-9-9, Bethany swiped the device and took off running. It didn't take her long to find damning evidence – Nathan was subscribed to Lauren's O-Vidz account!

Bethany attempted to hand over the phone to DS Swain as evidence of Nathan's involvement, but was shocked to learn he'd already been questioned.

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DS Swain explained to Bethany that there was no evidence to suggest Nathan was involved in the crime so she had no cause to detain him.

Meanwhile, Daniel teamed up with Adam Barlow to return to the building site for a confrontation with Nathan.

Daniel threatened that he would spread the word in their community about Nathan being a convicted sex offender unless he immediately left town.

Sarah Barlow later met up with her daughter to suggest she start seeing a counsellor again because she could end up in trouble if she pursued a vendetta against Nathan.

While Bethany promised her mum she'd drop the matter, she was later shown logging onto Nathan's O-Vidz account back at home.

Bethany reeled as she saw that Nathan had been sending explicit messages to a potentially underage blonde girl. She was now even more convinced he must be involved in Lauren's disappearance.

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Can Bethany prove her theories about Nathan?

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