Coronation Street's Aadi makes life-changing decision over Courtney

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Aadi Alahan has made a life-changing decision over his fling with Courtney Vance in Coronation Street.

The teen has confessed his affair with the wife of his father Dev's business partner Darren, throwing all of their lives into chaos due to Darren kicking his wife out onto the street.

Courtney subsequently turned up on Aadi's doorstep asking to move in, with Dev having little choice but to agree when Aadi warned he'd leave with Courtney if she was kicked out of their house too.

Aadi is determined to make a serious go with Courtney now that she's split from Darren, but his father Dev and sister Asha questioned how long it could really last in Friday's (September 15) episode.

Courtney was initially excited to make things work with Aadi too, though she later received the shocking news that Darren had already started divorce proceedings.

courtney vance, aadi alahan, coronation street

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Even worse, Courtney revealed to Aadi that she'd signed a prenuptial agreement with Darren and that meant she'd get nothing in the divorce.

Following a harsh warning from Darren that Courtney would soon get bored of being with a broke teenager, Aadi started to question whether the relationship could actually work out.

Darren continued playing mind games by telling Dev that they could still salvage their business deal with Freshco, provided Dev can convince Aadi to break things off with Courtney.

courtney vance, aadi alahan, coronation street

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Dev pleaded with Aadi to call things off with Courtney for the sake of their business deal, though his son flatly refused and insisted he was serious about making it work with his new girlfriend.

Will Dev continue to meddle in his son's new relationship?

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