Coronation Street villain Dom makes shocking proposal over Eliza

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Stu Carpenter has been left horrified by a proposal from former son-in-law Dom Everett in Coronation Street.

In recent weeks, Stu has grown concerned that Dom has reconnected with daughter Eliza for nefarious reasons and he was proved right in Monday's (September 11) episode.

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Stu's frustration boiled over when Dom failed to show up to meet Eliza, as he insisted her father must not truly care about repairing their relationship if he didn't bother to pick her up.

Those words understandably hurt Eliza and she dashed across the road, only to be hit by a passing car. The driver sped off while Stu rushed to his injured granddaughter and called out for help.

As Stu had no choice but to call Dom at the hospital, he was furious to see him turning up with a huge teddy bear to play the good guy.

The two started to argue in front of Eliza, until she took her father's side and demanded Stu leave. Stu was crushed by the rejection, even as Alya tried to assure him Eliza would eventually see her father for who he truly is.

Later, Eliza stunned both her father and grandfather by announcing she wanted to move in with Dom full-time.

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Outside of the hospital room, Dom admitted to Stu that he didn't want Eliza coming to live with him because he's already racked up huge credit card debts.

Stu was horrified when Dom offered to convince Eliza to stay with her grandfather in return for £10,000 to clear his debts. He tried to cover his horror over Dom offering to sell his own daughter.

When it came time to decide who would be taking Eliza home, Stu announced his granddaughter would be coming with him since he's the legal guardian — and warned Dom he wouldn't be getting a penny!

Eliza was furious over her grandfather's decision, so she secretly packed a bag and slipped out of the door. Will Stu be able to find Eliza?

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