Coronation Street star Jenny Platt teases longer-term future for Violet Wilson

Coronation Street star Jenny Platt has teased what the long-term future may hold for her character, Violet Wilson.

Violet returned as Dylan, her son with Sean Tully, attended a court hearing about his involvement in the school bullying and knife incident. And she is set to make another appearance next week.

Although Platt has filmed all her scenes for this current stint, she teased that viewers could see more of her character in the future.

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"It's interesting, I feel like there's two different answers to that, and I think one is the answer for Violet and one is the answer for me as the actress," Platt said when asked if she'd like to return.

"For Violet, in many ways, I actually think maybe it would be a nice thing for her to be able to just disappear off to London, take Dylan with her, keep him safe and just go back to normal life, and I think that would be the best outcome for Violet and the best thing for Dylan maybe.

"But as an actress, obviously, I've always – I've never felt like, 'Oh, yeah, that's it. I want to put that character to bed.' I loved my time on Coronation Street, and I've always found Violet really lovely to play. She's got heart, and she’s warm, but she's made a lot of mistakes, so I always feel like she's one of us.

"And, of course, I'd love to see what she could get up to if Dylan was getting into more trouble – and especially that idea of co-parenting with a non-romantic partner I find a really interesting one, and one that would be great to develop onscreen."

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"So, yes, those are the two answers I think," Platt continued. "For Violet, it would be much better if she disappeared off, but for me as an actress, of course it would be great fun to see her come back and see what she could get up to. Hopefully …"

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