Coronation Street star Georgia Taylor discusses Rowan being caught out

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street star Georgia Taylor has discussed the possibility of cult leader Rowan Cunliffe being caught out.

Taylor's character Toyah Battersby has become increasingly concerned in recent weeks over her sister Leanne's involvement with a cult called The Institute.

After a chance encounter at the Chariot Square Hotel in March, Leanne has become heavily influenced by the cult's charismatic leader.

She recently went alone to a retreat with Rowan and The Institute, cutting herself off from Toyah, partner Nick and son Simon.

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Speaking about the dark storyline, Taylor revealed that she "can't wait" for Rowan's true colours to finally be unmasked. "It's going to be so good to play," she added.

"But I have to say, I'm loving working with Emrhys [Cooper, who plays Rowan]. We've had quite a few scenes now where they have a big stand off and they're so delicious. Everything he's doing is just so understated but really creepy at the same time, and subversive.

"He's an absolute delight to be on set with, he's such a nice man in real life so I don't want it to be too soon but when he is taken down, I want it to be something massive and dramatic and humiliating."

The actor went on to explain the warning signs that left Toyah suspicious of Leanne's growing involvement with Rowan.

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"She's hugely worried, she had quite a strong instinct early on that something's a bit off with The Institute and I think the change in Leanne's behaviour and personality have verified that Toyah's fears are correct," she said.

"Leanne's becoming very emotionally disconnected from both Toyah and Nick in a way that feels quite out of character because even though Leanne's a very tough woman, she's loyal and she does love her sister.

"So when she starts pushing her away, there are definitely alarm bells ringing."

Alongside her concerns for Leanne, next week's episodes will also see Toyah in turmoil after she is arrested over her tragic past.

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