Coronation Street star Channique Sterling-Brown teases Joel's downfall

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street star Channique Sterling-Brown has shared her feelings ahead of the comeuppance of Dee-Dee Bailey's fiancé, Joel Deering.

Joel is walking on thin ice after Lauren Bolton reappeared following his grooming of her and is now pregnant with his baby. As Dee-Dee and Joel have picked a wedding date for September, Joel is scared his fiancée, who's conducting her own search for the teen, will get to her before he can.

Sterling-Brown has explained Dee-Dee is oblivious to Joel's true nature and is now "all in" on their wedding plans.

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"She's really excited. She wasn't sure about the initial proposal and felt it was a bit rushed," she said.

"Now she's all in, she is head over heels for the guy. She sees him as someone who supports her, protects her, views her as an equal, encourages her, he supported through her dad's gambling and the situation with Roy and the death threats she received for representing him.

"Joel is her constant, her steady and I think as someone who's always looking out for everyone else, it's nice for her to have her safe person which is what Joel represents."

bethany platt, joel, dee dee bailey, coronation street

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It looks like Dee-Dee's whole world will crumble as the truth is set to come to light, with Sterling-Brown teasing viewers will get to see a different side to the solicitor.

"It's exciting. I feel so sad obviously that her world is going to come crashing down but it has to - it's important for what's in the dark to come to light, and I'm excited for that," the soap star said.

The actor also opened up about how excited she was to see the aftermath of the storyline. "I think for Dee-Dee we're going to see different sides of her. We know she is feisty and strong. She will want justice I believe, but also there's got to be an element of this vulnerability and this reality - her whole world and everything she thought was going to be her future is going to come completely crashing down around her," she shared.

"I am excited to film that and to flesh the character out a bit more, and for her to go on that journey."

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