Coronation Street shares new clue over who killed Lauren

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street has shared a new clue over who may have killed Lauren Bolton.

The investigation into Lauren's baffling disappearance — and possible death — is set to reach its climax during this special week of episodes, with the stage set for a huge discovery.

The soap had left Roy on an ominous note earlier this week, as Griff Reynolds was shown entering his cell intent on taking revenge for Roy grassing on him.

In Wednesday's (May 29) episode, the soap once again rewound time to the Bank Holiday to show another version of events after previously focusing on Carla Barlow and DS Swain.

The flashback scenes for Roy had him on the phone with his lawyer Dee-Dee Bailey, recalling that he'd heard from Shona about Lauren getting a bouquet of flowers on Valentine's Day.

Dee-Dee explained that she'd already checked out that lead, revealing that the flowers were bought using a voucher over the phone.

dee dee and roy in coronation street

Roy learned that a trial date had been set, though Dee-Dee was confident that his name would be cleared using testimony from a linguistics expert as well as Bobby's sworn statement.

The mood darkened for Roy since he already knew that Bobby had lied to the police in his statement. Roy confided in fellow inmate, Roscoe, that he was worried about being freed on false evidence.

"That's not justice," Roy explained.

During a visit with Dee-Dee, the lawyer presented a major new finding that the messages Lauren's boyfriend sent her appeared to be from someone who was educated and precise.

Dee-Dee stressed that their linguistics expert thinks it was "highly unlikely" Roy sent the messages, but it was hard to prove since Roy had sent so few text messages to judge against.

"With such a small sample size, it makes any firm statistical conclusion impossible," a disheartened Dee-Dee relayed.

Roy was equally devastated to learn the prosecution had their own expert who would testify that he could have written those messages.

roy and ds swain in coronation street

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"Weirdly enough, this guy is as much of a grammar buff as you are, flawless punctuation," Dee-Dee told him. "He sent Lauren a list with colons and semi-colons all in the right place.

"In the same week, you sent a shopping list to Nina with the same attention to detail. If we bring it up in court, it could sink us."

Dee-Dee assured Roy that all is not lost, since the prosecution still has "nothing concrete" to link him to the crime.

Roy was incredulous that Bobby's false statement was the only evidence in his favour and he simply couldn't abide by letting it stand.

This realisation came at the worse time because DS Swain came to the prison to ask Roy more questions. He couldn't hold in his secret any longer, so he confessed Bobby lied in his police statement.

"Trust me, you won't regret being honest," DS Swain told him, with Roy replying: "Sometimes, the truth can have unfortunate consequences."

The soap then moved forward in time to show the aftermath of Bobby being arrested for perverting the course of justice.

roy in coronation street

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Once Bobby was released pending investigation, Bethany Platt shared the news with Dee-Dee and Carla that her abuser Nathan had coincidentally been arrested and it could mean Roy would be freed.

At the same time, viewers saw that the inmate, Roscoe, who'd been befriending Roy had been put up to it by Griff as a way to learn any damaging information.

Roscoe was pressured into convincing Roy to go to the library to get him out of his cell. The inmate tried to engineer this scheme by spilling tea on Roy's book, but he was caught out.

"Roscoe, please, I saw what you did," Roy told him. "You spilled that tea deliberately."

When Roscoe claimed he couldn't read and needed Roy to teach him, his newfound friend was all too willing to lend a hand. Once they returned from the library, Roy suspected he'd fallen victim to a ploy since Roscoe forgot to take his book with him.

griff, roy cropper, coronation street

The soap revisited the moment Griff entered Roy's cell — with viewers seeing the terrorist call Roy a "paedo" and squaring up to attack him.

Will Roy be saved?

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