Coronation Street shares Cassie Plummer's tragic backstory

The following article contains referencing to sexual and physical abuse.

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street has revealed more about Cassie Plummer's tragic backstory.

Viewers learned in Friday's (March 22) episode that one of Cassie's ex-boyfriends had forced her into sex work years earlier.

The backdrop of this heartbreaking revelation came about as Weatherfield residents learned more about Lauren Bolton's disappearance.

The local newspaper had started speculating that Lauren may have been involved in sex work and could have been patronised by Roy Cropper – who has been identified as a suspect in the girl's disappearance.

evelyn and cassie in coronation street

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Roy insisted he'd known nothing about Lauren's life, and Cassie was disturbed to see Evelyn and Fiz gossiping about the case in the café.

The pair were shocked by the anger in Cassie's reaction, though Tyrone later explained to them that his mum had once been a sex worker.

However, this wasn't the full truth as Cassie clarified to her mother that she was forced into sex work by an ex-boyfriend when she was underage.

Evelyn was staggered to learn that Cassie's father had discovered her sex work and was never able to get over it.

"Finding out, that's what killed him," Cassie suggested.

Cassie said that she'd been forced into selling sex when she was only 15 years old by a former boyfriend who'd said he loved her.

"He made me sleep with his mates for money, said I'd do it if I loved him," Cassie recalled.

cassie in coronation street

Her father eventually discovered what was going on when he found a condom and some money in her belongings.

"I suppose, deep down, I wanted to be caught," Cassie acknowledged. "I wanted someone to step in and save me. But my dad, he just couldn't cope."

Cassie's father slapped her when he found out what was going on, so she remained convinced that her secret had killed him. Evelyn rejected this theory, insisting his poor health choices were to blame.

"You were just a kid," Evelyn reminded her daughter.

Evelyn reeled when she realised that Tyrone's father must have been one of Cassie's clients. Back at home, Evelyn promised Cassie she'd keep the secret of Tyrone's father.

"There's some things he's best not knowing," Cassie insisted.

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