Coronation Street: Roy is arrested on suspicion of murder

Episode 11,214 – 11,215 | Airs Friday 15 March 2024 at 20:00 on ITV1

Daniel confides in Ken that he hasn't slept a wink, fearing he'll be banged up for a murder he didn't commit.

It becomes clear that Roy is getting trolled online and Carla is forced to show him the vile comments. Max wants to do another appeal, but Carla and Nina warn Roy not to do the appeal as it'll only invite further unwanted attention.

Suzi from the Gazette arrives at the café hoping to record a fresh appeal. But they're interrupted by the arrival of DS Swain, who tells Roy she's arresting him on suspicion of the murder of Lauren Bolton.

Carla and Nina watch in horror as Roy is led away. The video of his arrest has been posted online. Carla's sickened by Roy's predicament.

Meanwhile, Leanne tells Debbie that she's taking Simon to the The Institute seminar at the Chariot Square Hotel. Debbie suggests she takes Nick along too so they can check out the wedding fayre. Under pressure, Nick reluctantly agrees to accompany Leanne to the wedding fayre.

Rowan from The Institute charms Leanne and gives her the benefit of his advice. Leanne's taken aback. Rowan talks to Leanne and encourages her to share her innermost thoughts and feelings. As he makes to leave, he flashes her a smile and Leanne finds herself blushing.

Elsewhere, Gemma stuffs the Oakhill prospectus in a drawer and instructs Chesney to have a word with Linda and tell her to back off. In the Rovers, Izzy and Gemma lambast Linda for the way she favours Joseph over Jake and the quads.

Dee-Dee and Paul point out to Gemma that Oakhill is the opportunity of a lifetime and she shouldn't deprive Joseph simply because she hates his grandmother.

Also today, as Eliza practises her German, determined that one day she'll go and live with Dom, Stu comes to a decision. Stu admits to Dom that he's been entirely selfish and suggests that Eliza has two weeks with him in Germany at Easter as a trial run with a view to moving there permanently.

Finally, in a bid to cheer him up, Amy suggests to Steve they watch a movie together later. When Toyah lets slip that Amy had lunch with Tracy and Tommy and they appeared to hit it off, Steve's upset and Toyah realises she's put her foot in it.

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