Coronation Street reveals truth over Leanne Battersby's mystery caller

The following story contains mention of baby loss.

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Coronation Street has revealed the identity of Leanne Battersby's mystery caller, after she was seen professing her love in recent episodes.

Tonight's (June 7) episode saw Leanne on a private video call, telling the person on the laptop screen that she loves them.

She was interrupted by Toyah, who immediately suspected it was Rowan on the other end of the call. "Is wasn't your pal, the all-knowing, all-seeing Rowan was it?" she asked Leanne, who denied it.

leanne coronation street with an ai imagine of her son oliver

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At the Bistro, Toyah told a shocked Nick what she heard "emotional" Leanne saying on the call. Nick asked if it was Rowan, but Toyah said she wasn't sure, only confirming that "she meant it".

Nick rushed home, walking in on Rowan and Leanne holding hands, but Rowan assured him that it was a misunderstanding.

"What is this? Who is this?" asked Nick, as Leanne showed him the laptop screen, which displayed a talking AI version of Oliver.

"It's Oliver. The age he would be now," explained Leanne. "I've got my boy back, Nick. I can talk to Oliver again.

"I wanted you to meet him last night but let's be honest, you've not exactly been supportive of my journey," Leanne told a horrified Nick.

leanne battersby, rowan, coronation street

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Later, Toyah and Nick discussed the shocking discovery. "It's sick. Capitalising on a dead child. A grieving mother. Brainwashing my strong, brave, clever sister," said Toyah.

Toyah's anger continued as she confronted Rowan in the street, calling him a conman and saying she would report him. But Rowan goaded her, sharing that Leanne had revealed lots of personal information to him.

"You're treading a very dangerous path here," he threatened.

Back at the flat, Nick and Toyah tried pleading with Leanne, who admitted: "I know it's not Oliver. I know it's not real. I haven't completely lost my mind!"

Their conversation was cut short as Toyah was arrested by Kit, after the body of a baby was found buried in the park. She came clean at the station, admitting it was her stillborn baby that was found.

Meanwhile, it was revealed to viewers that Leanne had told Rowan about Toyah's secret, as she frantically called, asking if he had her sister arrested. He denied the accusation and Leanne lied to Nick and Toyah about telling Rowan.

What will it take for Leanne to break free from Rowan's hold?

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