Coronation Street kicks off Tracy and Tommy's affair storyline

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street has kicked off the affair between Tracy Barlow and Tommy Orpington in tonight's (January 31) episode.

The latest instalment opened with the ex-footballer-turned-painter-and-decorator over at Tracy's to do some work — but it was clear not much would get done as the pair made increasingly flirty comments back and forth.

Over at the florist, Mary Taylor told Tracy that Toyah Battersby had been in talking about how much she fancied Tommy. Mary then asked Tracy to put in a good word for Toyah with Tommy. Tracy could barely contain her horror at the idea, saying she just can't see them together.

tommy orpington, tracy mcdonald, coronation street

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Tracy then saw Tommy talking to Toyah outside the house, and as soon as he went back inside, Tracy wasted no time in cornering Toyah and telling her that Tommy was a womaniser and a rubbish decorator.

Back indoors, she started calling Toyah the "village drip", and when Tommy noticed Tracy's jealousy, he admitted that he fancied her.

Although Tracy stated she was off-limits, it wasn't long before she shared a kiss with Tommy. And after a brief pull away, the pair immediately went in for another one.

tommy orpington, tracy mcdonald, coronation street

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After that, they talked about how neither of them wanted to risk starting any drama and that they needed to forget the kiss ever happened... and then went in for a third kiss, which led to them going upstairs.

Thankfully, Ken Barlow turned up before Tommy and Tracy could go for another round. But they later bumped into each other in the Rovers, and the tension between them was still sparking.

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