Coronation Street kicks off Adam's big new story as he makes an offer to Harvey

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

In tonight's episode (January 15), Adam Barlow was fuming over his ex Sarah's relationship with Damon Hay, leading to him making a deal with the devil.

Visiting a former client in prison, Adam's colleague DeeDee witnessed Damon visiting his half-brother Harvey, who is serving time for the murder of Natasha Blakeman.

Damon warned Harvey off playing any more games and insisted he wouldn't be carrying out any more criminal jobs. He also mocked Harvey for his "silly" name. Harvey did not take too kindly to such words and made a threat of his own – regarding Sarah and her son Harry.

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This caused Damon to lose his temper and he had to be held back by prison guards.

DeeDee reported this altercation back to Adam, who confronted Sarah and Damon in the Bistro, while they were having drinks with her family.

Adam made his disapproval of Damon clear and said he didn't want Damon spending time with Harry. When Sarah pointed out that Harry wasn't even Adam's son, the solicitor left, feeling distraught. He later called the prison and arranged to meet Harvey.

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Once the two men met for the first time, Adam introduced himself and mentioned Damon's relationship with Sarah.

"So as you can imagine, he's not my favourite person right now," Adam told Harvey. "And, from what I'm led to believe, he's not yours either."

"What's your point?" Harvey wanted to know.

"My point is, what are we going to do about it?" Adam replied.

Adam then made Harvey an offer. If he can get rid of Damon for good, Adam will help him with his murder appeal. "He ruined my life, it's time to return the favour," Adam insisted.

Harvey later called Adam from his cell and informed him: "I'm in. I'll take care of it."

adam barlow, harvey, coronation street

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Samuel Robertson, who plays Adam, recently spoke about this new storyline and revealed that Adam finds himself in too deep.

"Adam realises quite quickly that he's been played a little bit by Harvey but he's in too deep now, he's going to have to go with what Harvey says and roll with the punches," he said.

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