Coronation Street confirms Damon and Sarah's future

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Damon Hay has split from Sarah Barlow following his arrest in Coronation Street.

Earlier this week, Damon was nabbed by armed cops in front of Sarah and her son Harry after he'd taken part in a botched robbery organised by his half-brother Harvey Gaskell.

Damon had only agreed to take part in Harvey's criminal scheme as a means of protecting Sarah and her daughter Bethany from the gangster's wrath.

Sarah was even more horrified to learn that Damon had chosen to plead guilty to the robbery charge – and would now certainly spend years behind bars.

In Friday's (March 29) episode, Sarah made a wrenching visit to the prison to figure out where things stood with Damon.

damon and sarah in coronation street

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While Sarah promised to wait for Damon on the outside, he refused to let her put her life on hold for years to come.

"I asked you here to tell to your face – we're finished," he insisted.

Sarah couldn't believe what she was hearing, but Damon was resolute that their relationship was truly finished.

"You turned my world upside down, right? But if I loved you, properly loved you, I wouldn't have done the stuff I've done. You've got to walk away," he explained. "I'm sorry, it's my decision."

damon and sarah in coronation street

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Sarah was distraught as she returned to the cobbles, where her daughter Bethany tried her best to comfort her heartbroken mum. She was ultimately left alone with Harry, who wanted to know when Damon would be back.

Will Sarah be able to move on with her life?

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