Coronation Street confirms Bernie's huge secret

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street's Bernie Winter reveals a huge secret next week as the arrival of Paul and Gemma's dad Denny stirs up memories from the past.

In recent scenes, Bernie was shocked by the return of Denny, and she told the shocking lie that their son Paul had already passed away in order to keep Denny out of their lives.

Despite her efforts, Bernie's scheme was quickly rumbled, and she was uneasy when Paul decided to give his father another chance.

Meanwhile, Dev grew curious when he found Bernie searching through an old box of letters and photos and it became clear there's more to her past with Denny than she's letting on.

bernie winter, coronation street

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Next week, Gemma catches Bernie in a lie and realises that her mum has been trying to disguise her whereabouts. Gemma shares her concerns with Dev Alahan and asks him to do some digging.

Dev decides to get to the bottom of things and confronts Bernie about her recent behaviour. An emotional Bernie admits the truth to Dev and reveals that she had another son – Zodiac, who was taken into care as a child.

Bernie explains that Zodiac (Zac) was later adopted and that his name was changed to Christopher Green. Dev reels from the confession as Bernie insists that she's determined to track her son down.

Bernie's journey gets off to a rocky start as she tracks down men named Christopher Green in the local area. After working through some of the options on her list, Bernie tells Dev that there's only one more left to try, and she decides to pay him a visit.

bernie winter, coronation street
bernie winter, coronation street

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However, Bernie is horrified to learn that Christopher died of cancer. Bernie turns to drink, fearing that she has forever lost the chance to be reunited with her son.

Bernie's search for her son comes as manipulative Denny has been trying to worm his way back into their lives. Earlier this week, Denny showed his true colours by trying to steal Paul's wheelchair so that he could sell it.

Peter Ash, who plays Paul, recently revealed that his character's decision to forgive Denny was largely down to Paul's motor neurone disease diagnosis but that the rest of the family won't be quite so forgiving of Denny's violent past.

He said: "Bernie and Gemma are not impressed at all. I mean, I think Paul's probably the one that's the most positive about his return, at the start anyway. He's short of time, and he wants to smooth anything over he can before his time's up, really."

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