Coronation Street: Billy shares his fears for Paul

Episode 11,220 – 11,221 | Airs Friday 22 March 2024 at 20:00 on ITV1

Billy explains to a shocked Summer that he is worried to talk about Paul's deterioration with him, as he plans to take his own life when things get too bad.

When Paul finds out about Summer's plans to delay her American course, he implores her not to give up her dreams because of him.

Later at the Rovers karaoke evening, Paul reveals to a worried Billy that he has put them down to do Stand By Me. How will it go?

Meanwhile, Evelyn's taken aback when she comes across an article online describing Lauren as a sex worker. Roy's adamant he doesn't want to know the details.

At No.9, Cassie reads the article about Lauren's sex work admits to Tyrone it brings back some awful memories for her. Cassie is angry when she finds Evelyn and Daisy discussing Lauren in the shop. When Tyrone reveals that Cassie once had to resort to sex work, Fiz and Evelyn are stunned. But does Tyrone know the full story?

Elsewhere, Bobby calls at the salon clearly upset and shows Max the article about Lauren. The lads set off in search of Sabrina, determined to find out who told the press about Lauren's sex work.

Sabrina assures Max and Bobby that it wasn't her who blabbed to the press and she's offended that they would even think that. As Sabrina storms off, Max feels terrible.

Also today, Sarah returns from viewing a house and admits it was the stuff of dreams. Damon promises that he'll do what he can to raise the money. Harvey calls Damon from prison and gives him his instructions for his part in the robbery. Damon lies to Sarah and tells her he won't be able to make Harry's party tomorrow as he's seeing a new client who could prove very lucrative.

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