Coronation Street airs Nick and Toyah's secret kiss

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Nick Tilsley and Toyah Battersby have shared a passionate kiss in Coronation Street.

The in-laws gave in to their growing romantic feelings for one another in Monday's (June 10) episode on ITV1 and streaming service ITVX, after feeling isolated from Leanne Battersby.

Leanne has fallen further under the sway of cult leader Rowan Cunliffe, going so far as to cause her own sister Toyah's arrest last week for opposing the poisoning Institute.

In the latest instalment, Toyah received a mysterious delivery of yellow roses and almost immediately pieced together that Rowan must have been sending them as a warning.

When Leanne was confronted by her partner and sister, she admitted she was the one who grassed on Toyah to her new spiritual guru.

jane danson in coronation street

After an irate Toyah stormed out, Nick made it clear that Leanne was putting their relationship at risk — she needed to choose between The Insitute or their impending marriage.

"What you're doing is unhealthy and you need to start seeing that before it's too late," Nick warned his partner.

Nick was disappointed to later find Leanne with her bags packed and announcing that Rowan had arranged somewhere for her to stay for a little while.

Toyah was sympathetic once she heard about Leanne's choice. She shared a bottle of wine with Nick, where they agreed the only benefit of Leanne's troubles was bringing them closer.

toyah and nick in coronation street

Before long, Nick and Toyah were swept up into a passionate kiss, only to be interrupted by Sam unexpectedly returning home.

While Sam had no idea what his father and Toyah had been getting up to, the adults were left feeling guilty over the kiss.

Coronation Street star Georgia Taylor has suggested that Nick and Toyah's growing romantic connection was not at all premeditated on either of their parts.

“It’s really confusing for Toyah, Nick is to all intents and purposes her brother-in-law and they haven’t always got on, so it's not like she's been harbouring some secret attraction," Georgia said. "So this has hit her out of the blue, they’ve both been there for each other these last few weeks when life has been really tough and those feelings are starting to get a little bit blurred.

georgia taylor

“Toyah loves her sister but every time she feels guilty for leaning on Nick, Leanne does something to push her away again. It's difficult when you're angry at someone, but you also feel guilty for something you've done to them. It's very conflicting for Toyah.”

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1 and streams on ITVX.

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