Coronation Street airs exit plans for major character

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street has aired shocking exit plans for Tracy McDonald.

The long-time Weatherfield resident headed off for a new life in Spain with Tommy Orpington after discovering husband Steve McDonald had been lying to her.

At first, in Monday's (April 1) episode, it looked as if Tracy and Steve were going to start over again, after she'd broken things off with Tommy.

Steve had found a letter from Tommy inviting Tracy to move to Spain with him, but he decided to hide it before his wife could read it.

Meanwhile, Tracy was second-guessing her decision. When she told her husband she wanted to make a new start, Steve stopped short of giving her Tommy's letter.

coronation strete, steve

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Tracy reluctantly promised Steve that she was back for good, so he tried to destroy any chance of the truth coming out by burning the letter.

Steve's deception very quickly blew up in his face when Tracy got a call from Tommy asking if she'd read his letter.

Amy Barlow blamed Steve for sabotaging Tommy's offer, forcing him to eventually admit that he'd done the dirty deed.

"This changes everything," Tracy told him.

Steve tried to convince Tracy that her split from Tommy reawakened her desire to save their marriage, though she wasn't buying it.

"You fooled me, Steve, and shame on you," she declared.

She then announced: "I don't care what you have to say because I'm leaving tomorrow with Tommy, for Spain."

coronation street, tracy

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Steve was horrified as Tracy publicly announced she was leaving him in front of Tim, then got into a black cab bound for a new life in Spain.

"It's over. Steve. I'm sorry," she told him.

Before driving away, Tracy told Steve she wanted to see Amy one more time before leaving the following day. Will Tracy actually go to Spain?

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