Coronation Street airs dramatic arrest for Damon Hay

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Damon Hay has been arrested in dramatic Coronation Street scenes.

The shocking scenes in Monday's (March 25) episode came about after Damon agreed to take part in a robbery his half-brother Harvey Gaskell was organising.

Damon was essentially blackmailed into taking part in the crime as a means of keeping his girlfriend Sarah and her daughter Bethany Platt safe after a recent attempt on their lives.

He has deceived Sarah all along, claiming that he's been working with a new client that will net him enough cash to pay for his share of the couple's dream home.

However, Sarah discovered the truth after talking with Ed Bailey and realising that Damon's whole business plan was one big lie.

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Damon came clean when confronted, confessing to Sarah that he'd been forced into taking part in Harvey's criminal scheme in order to keep them all safe.

He then admitted to Sarah that the person who'd tried to run her over was a hitman hired by Harvey.

While Sarah made Damon swear that he wouldn't go through with the robbery, he snuck off to take part anyway.

The robbery ran into problems right away, with Damon having to intervene when one of the other robbers threatened to kill a van driver.

As a siren blared in the distance, Damon decided to grab one of the bags of cash and run off.

sarah barlow, damon, coronation street

The next time viewers saw Damon, he was turning up for Harry's birthday party with pizzas just as he'd promised. It wasn't until the party cleared out that Damon admitted to Sarah what he'd done.

The couple headed over to the sweet shop with Harry, but they were confronted by armed police. The cops charged at Damon with guns drawn, so he immediately held his hands up.

"Don't shoot me," he begged.

Sarah fled from the scene with Harry, while Damon cried out that he was sorry for everything…

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