Coronation Street airs Damon Hay's plea after shock arrest

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street has revealed Damon Hay's plea following his shocking arrest for robbery.

Earlier this week, Damon was arrested by armed police following his risky decision to take part in his half-brother Harvey Gaskell's heist.

Damon only agreed to take part to keep Sarah Barlow and her daughter Bethany safe, but he ultimately abandoned the robbery with a bag of cash when he heard sirens in the distance.

Wednesday's (March 27) episode took place in the aftermath of a traumatic scene where young Harry Platt witnessed Damon arrested by police with their guns drawn.

damon hay in coronation street

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Sarah had to report the devastating news to the other members of the Platt family that her flat was being searched by police for possible evidence against Damon.

Meanwhile, Damon got a potential lifeline when attorney Dee-Dee Bailey visited him in prison to confirm that she would represent him, as a favour to Adam Barlow.

The good news was short-lived, as Bethany called in at the factory to break the news to Sarah that Damon had pleaded guilty and could face years in prison.

Sarah was desperate for answers, as she realised her relationship with Damon was essentially over since he'd be locked behind bars for the foreseeable future.

She approached Dee-Dee for answers but was shocked to learn that it was Damon's idea to fess up for what he'd done and plead guilty.

will mellor as harvey in coronation street

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Meanwhile, Damon received another visit — this time from his vengeful half-brother Harvey. The two had a tussle before Damon explained to Harvey that it was one of the gangster's own thugs who'd ruined the robbery.

The brothers had a heart-to-heart conversation where Damon admitted that he had no future with Sarah because of his imprisonment.

"It's all over now," Damon told Harvey.

Harvey quipped that the brothers weren't "even" after their brawl, though he did offer to team up and run the prison underworld together.

"Think about it," Harvey encouraged his brother.

bethany platt and sarah barlow in coronation street

Later, as Damon stared at a photo of Sarah, she got a call from the prison asking on Damon's behalf for a visit. Will Sarah face Damon after what he's done?

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