WA cops tight-lipped over Claremont

Clues have emerged about the type of car possibly driven by the Claremont serial killer, who murdered three women in the 1990s, but West Australian police are refusing to comment.

The Post suburban newspaper reported the killer abducted some victims in a white mid-1990s Holden Commodore VS Series 1 and had links to screen printing.

The newspaper previously reported detectives believed the killer also abducted a 17-year-old girl in 1995 and raped her at Karrakatta Cemetery.

It said there was a DNA link between that attack and traces found on the body of 27-year-old lawyer Ciara Glennon, who was murdered in March 1997.

The first victim was 18-year-old secretary Sarah Spiers, who disappeared in January 1996.

Childcare worker Jane Rimmer, 23, vanished a few months later.

Ms Rimmer's body was also found, but Ms Spiers was never seen again.

In a new report, The Post newspaper says the cemetery victim was tied up with washing line, which had material on it used in screen printing.

Also, fibres found on Ms Rimmer's body, which were lost but then rediscovered in 2011, matched the upholstery of a Holden Commodore VS.

The seat trim fabric was used only on the Series 1, launched in April 1995, and was changed for the Series 2.

A WA Police spokesman said maintaining integrity of the investigation was vital to bringing the offender, or offenders, to justice.

He warned that media reports could jeopardise the investigation and affect future prosecutions.

"We are mindful of the public interest in this matter, however we need to balance this with the interests of the investigation," he said.

"WA Police remains committed to solving these crimes."