Cops shot 'within seconds': Woman identified in fast food shooting

The 22-year-old woman killed by police outside a Hungry Jack's in western Sydney has been identified as Courtney Jane Topic.

Ms Topic was at the fast-food restaurant's car park at West Hoxton when she was shot in the chest by police on Tuesday after they failed to subdue her.

The 22-year-old is from Carnes Hill in Sydney's West.

It's been reported Ms Topic had Asperger's syndrome, which is under the autism spectrum disorder spectrum.

Tragic pictures showed the moments before the woman was shot dead by police in a western Sydney carpark.

Officers at West Hoxton, in the city's west, tried to subdue her with capsicum spray but opened fire when she ignored demands to put the knife down.

As exclusive pictures show, the unknown woman stood in front of Hungry Jack's with a soft drink in one hand, and a 20cm carving knife in the other.

Just minutes later, the 22-year-old was on the ground, shot in the chest and fighting for her life - with police desperately applying CPR.

Police work to try and revive the young woman. Photo: 7News

"We didn't know what the hell it was," witness Alan Sobbi said.

"We heard the gunshots and we thought what is this a movie, or filming or something we never thought someone was going to get shot here."

Mother Anabelle C'Eladoure was in the carpark, just metres away, with her one-year-old son Hunter.

"I didn't think that they'd shoot her straight away," C'Eladoure told 7News.

"I thought that they'd try hand-to-hand combat first before taking a shot to kill or maybe just shoot her in the leg, but no they actually killed her which was really quite disturbing."

What appears to be blood on the grass outside West Hoxton Hungry Jack's. Photo: 7News

It began at 11.30 this morning, when the woman arrived baring the knife, and entered the store.

From her car, Ananbelle was watching, locked her doors, rang police and grabbed her camera phone as the woman re-emerged with a knife and drink.

Sydney mother Mother Anabelle C'Eladoure. Photo: 7News

Then police arrived - two cars and four uniformed officers.

They tried to negotiate, but the woman allegedly lunged at them and the shot was fired.

"Obviously they were telling her to put the knife down and get on the ground, which she didn't do," Anabelle C'Eladoure said.

Officers outside the West Hoxton Hungry Jack's where the young woman was shot after allegedly lunging at police with a knife. Photo: 7News

"She tried to evade them, which was obviously when they used capsicum spray, that still didn't bring her to the ground and that was when I heard the gunshot."

Police said they had tried to end it peacefully.

Pictures show the woman standing outside the Hungry Jack's, a playground in the background, with the large knife in her hand. Photo: 7News

"Police went through a number of tactical options," Assistant Commissioner Frank Mennilli said.

"I've been informed that capsicum spray was utilized, and they tried to utilise the Taser."

Witnesses said police attempts to deal with her lasted just moments.

"It was probably from the time they got out of the car to the time that she was shot, maybe 30 to 40 seconds," Anabelle C'Eladoure said.

Another witness Alan Sobbi said it was very quick, and "police weren't with her for long".

Police officers on scene. Photo: 7News

The officer, a constable with four to five years service was comforted at the scene by a colleague, as police tracked the victim's relatives.

"This is a tragic situation we are still in the process of contacting the family," Assistant Commissioner Mennilli said.

Officers wearing forensic suits on the scene of the police shooting in West Hoxton. Photo: 7News

A critical incident team, led by the Homicide Squad, will investigate the shooting, including the woman's actions prior to the incident.

Officers are appealing for any witnesses to come forward by calling Crime Stoppers on 1800333000.