Cop killers were 'gentle', daughter says

The daughter of the people involved in a deadly mass shooting in Queensland has described them as gentle and said there was nothing to indicate they would commit their horrific crime

Stacey, Gareth and Nathaniel Train shot dead two officers and a neighbour at a Wieambilla residence, three hours west of Brisbane, on December 12.

The offenders died in a gunfight later that night with specialist police.

Madelyn Train, the biological daughter of Nathaniel and Stacey, told Nine News her mother didn't like guns.

Ms Train was raised by her "uncle Gary" (Gareth), who she called dad after Stacey married him following her divorce from Nathaniel.

"They were the gentlest people I know," Ms Train told Nine News on Sunday.

"I grew up in a really happy, healthy family environment.

"I mourn six people; so I mourn my family, I mourn the police and mourn the neighbour."

Constables Rachel McCrow and Matthew Arnold and neighbour Alan Dare were killed by the Trains.

"Grieving three of your family is hard enough but then finding out what they did and seeing everyone's reaction to what they did ...," Ms Train said.

She said she had not seen the trio for years but communicated with them via email and texts.

Ms Train said there was nothing to indicate they would commit the mass shooting but her "dad", Gary, did hold extreme views.

"It was like he was doing this weird project on COVID and the end of the world but also religiously. He believes in the apocalypse," she said.

Ms Train said she would often try to steer her uncle to other subjects when conversations took a dark turn.

She said she knew her biological father Nathaniel owned guns and that her parents, Stacey and Gary, had a gun safe and licences.

"But mum didn't like guns," Ms Train said.

Ms Train also described Gary as a military enthusiast.

"Gary would often think as if he was in a military scenario because he wanted to join the military himself," she said.

"He read lots of military books."

Ms Train said the three were "influenced by fear" in committing the shooting.

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