'Convinced it was a joke': Leopard photo drives the internet wild

Social media users have been driven mad by a photo supposedly showing a leopard disguised in rocky surroundings.

Thousands of netizens set about the mind-numbing task of identifying the hidden animal after it was shared online, with a challenge for people to spot the animal - no pun intended.

Twitter user Bella Lack uploaded the puzzling image, admitting that when a friend first sent it her way, she assumed they were taking the Mickey.

“Someone just sent this to me and asked me to find the leopard. I was convinced it was a joke... until I found the leopard. Can you spot it?,” she wrote in her September 27 post.

Replies to the image were flooded with confused people trying to guess where the camouflaged cat was.

Many said they were completely clueless over where the animal could possibly be because of how well it blended into its background.

“This is nuts because I am wearing glasses and cannot see it at all. It’s driving me mad...sorry,” one person wrote.

Others tried their luck in guessing the animal’s position.

“I think it’s peering down over the bank under the four small trees - directly under the third trunk from the left,” someone said.

Sadly, the area they pointed out was nothing more than a pile of dirt and rocks.

People eventually began making correct guesses, with some sharing spoiler photos with circles and arrows pointing out where the inconspicuous animal was.

One person went as far as outlining the body of the leopard in red marker to reveal its position to others.

For those, like us, who need a little help. Source: Twitter/Momo.
For those, like us, who need a little help. Source: Twitter/Momo.

The guessing game remained in play at the top of the thread, as Ms Lack asked that people don’t share spoilers so as not to ruin the fun for others.

Wild leopards are notoriously rogue and known for their ability to blend into their surroundings.

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