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Convicted sex offender found not guilty of prison rapes

Convicted sex offender Raymond Henry Garland has been found not guilty of raping three fellow inmates in a Queensland jail.

The 52-year-old was shackled and flanked by four Corrective Services officers when Judge John Allen announced his verdict in Brisbane District Court on Friday.

Garland had pleaded not guilty to four counts of rape and one of assault with intent to rape at his judge-only trial last month.

He was found not guilty of all charges.

At the trial, Garland said he had spent just 18 months of his life outside of prison since the age of 11.

Garland said he could no longer keep track of his jail stints over the years.

"I have no memory of time. I am just in prison," he said.

However, Garland - who described himself as a "lifer" - said he could remember what happened at a central Queensland jail about 10 years ago after being accused of sexual offences by three men.

One of the men claimed Garland knocked him out in a prison toilet in early 2013, before waking up later with his pants around his ankles.

Giving evidence, Garland said he had a "reputation as someone who partakes in jail sex".

However, he said he had no meaningful interaction with the man because the inmate had a reputation for being a "snitch".

Another inmate accused Garland of raping him in a prison toilet in March 2014.

Garland said he had consensual, pre-arranged sexual contact with the man.

"He was a willing participant. He was more than willing, he was quite keen," he said.

Overall they had sex three or four times in the toilets, Garland told the court.

A third inmate alleged Garland overpowered then raped him in the prison toilet twice in the space of a week in August 2014.

Garland said he had traded consensual sex for protection with the man.

He said the man was concerned because he was in prison for having sex with a minor.

"He was copping quite a bit of flak (from inmates) for that," Garland told the court.