Convicted paedophile 'confesses to killing JonBenét Ramsey in letter to friend'

A longtime suspect in the murder of American beauty pageant princess JonBenét Ramsey has reportedly admitted to killing the six-year-old by accident.

Convicted paedophile 54-year-old Gary Oliva reportedly admitted to killing the six-year-old in letters written from jail to a former school friend.

JonBenét was found dead in her family’s home in Boulder, Colorado, a day after Christmas in 1996.

A convicted paedophile has reportedly wrote about killing six-year-old beauty pageant princess JonBenét Ramsey. Source: 7 News

Nobody has been charged over her death and there have been a number of wild theories as to what happened to her.

One theory claimed a “child porn ring” contributed to her death.

Daily Mail TV reports Oliva, who is serving a 10-year sentence for child pornography, wrote a letter to a former classmate admitting to responsibility for the child’s death.

“I never loved anyone like I did JonBenét, and yet I let her slip and her head bashed in half and I watched her die,” one letter reportedly said.

Gary Oliva reportedly wrote letters to a school friend about killing the child. Source: 7 News

“It was an accident. Please believe me. She was not like the other kids.”

Oliva claimed in another letter JonBenét “removed all evil” from him.

“Just one look at her beautiful face, her glowing beautiful skin, and her divine God-body, I realised I was wrong to kill other kids. Yet by accident she died and it was my fault.”

JonBenét Ramsey was found in the basement of her home in Boulder, Colorado. Source: Getty Images

On Boxing day in 1996 police received a chilling call from JonBenét’s mother Patsy, who said her daughter disappeared and a threatening ransom note had been left at the home.

Authorities arrived and within a few hours they found the six-year-old girl’s beaten and strangled body in the basement.

JonBenét had unidentified DNA in her underwear and the family have blamed an intruder for her murder.

JonBenét Ramsey was found dead on Boxing Day, 1996. Source: Supplied

Brother of JonBenét reaches settlement

JonBenét’s brother Burke Ramsey filed a lawsuit against US network CBS, claiming his reputation was ruined after a television series suggested he killed his six-year-old sister more than two decades ago.

The case was settled this week but the terms of the settlement have not been disclosed.

A spokesperson for the producers of the TV program said in a statement that “an amicable resolution of their differences” had been reached.

A lawyer for CBS declined to comment.

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