Contestant's astonishing tantrum on TV game show

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A contestant on a television quiz show has had a meltdown on set, throwing props and storming out in dramatic fashion after his team lost a point.

Gettu Betur is a show where Icelandic high school students battle it out in teams in a quiz.

Recently, a clip of an episode has been doing the rounds on social media, which featured one male contestant having a tantrum after his team lost.

In the video, the red team correctly answers a question and the crowd applauds.

Suddenly, a member from the blue team throws a glass of water and tips over his podium before grabbing a glass off his teammate's podium, throwing that and storming off the set.

A contestant on Gettu Betur threw glasses of water and pushed down his podium. Source: Gettu Betur via Youtube/EYNZ
A contestant on Gettu Betur threw glasses of water and pushed down his podium. Source: Gettu Betur via Youtube/EYNZ

His teammates look shocked by the display of anger, while the host looks stunned.

A loud bang is heard, presumably the disgruntled contestant continuing his rampage behind the scenes.

The clip of the recent episode began circulating on social media, however one person on Twitter said following the episode, people in Iceland showed empathy towards the young man.

"The general reaction among Icelanders is one of empathy and care for a delicate young man who couldn't handle the situation," one person tweeted.

Another person also had sympathy for the contestant, speaking to the pressure people are under during such competitions.

"It's disgustingly painful to lose in Gettu Betur after spending an awful lot of time training and preparing," they said.

"It is much harder to answer questions in the set than at home in the living room. If you have not experienced this pressure, do not understand it. Care must be taken."

Another person on Twitter to "think warmly" of the contestant, who had been "absolutely fantastic" throughout the competition.

Though, others did raise concerns about the outburst being inherently violent and potentially intimidating for all other involved.

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