Construction tops list of complaints in SA

Issues with home construction have topped the list of consumer complaints in South Australia but demand remains strong across the sector.

The Consumer and Business Services department took more than 1300 inquiries and dealt with almost 120 complaints related to the construction sector in 2022.

Travel remained a significant issue with 113 complaint calls, but that was down significantly on the 190 fielded in 2021 when COVID-19 restrictions and issues were more prominent.

Issues surrounding the purchase of a second-hand car drew the third most complaints with more than 60 calls last year.

Small and Family Business Minister Andrea Michaels said the state government was doing all it could to support consumers and ensure their rights were protected.

"An increase in material costs and a deluge of work are resulting in a number of challenges for both the building sector and consumers," she said.

Complaints involving the building sector came as construction approvals remained strong in SA and home prices stable.

Dwelling approvals rose 15.2 per cent for the year to the end of November, compared to significant falls in most other states.

Data also revealed a 0.4 per cent fall in house prices in December compared to bigger falls across the country.

"South Australia's housing market hasn't experienced the volatility of the eastern states, and that's good news for property owners," Treasurer Stephen Mullighan said.

"While the strength of the property market is positive for those already owning houses, we know we need more supply to help others get into home ownership."