Thai restaurant closes after dead body 'leaks' through ceiling

Fluids leaking from a decomposing body upstairs have forced health officials to close a US restaurant.

Windsor police were called to the Siam Corner Thai Kitchen and Pho restaurant in Connecticut on May 29 for a report of a foul odour and a reddish-brown liquid dripping from the ceiling of the restaurant behind the front counter, US television station WFSB-TV reported.

Police say they entered the apartment above the restaurant through an unlocked window and found the tenant’s body in his bed.

The restaurant where the fluids began to appear. Source: Google Maps

They say he had been dead for several days, where his body had started to decompose.

Police say no foul play is suspected. They have not yet released the man’s name.

Officers discovered medication for heart failure and high blood pressure.

The health department says the restaurant remains closed.

Windsor health officials said a biohazard were brought in to deal with the clean-up.

Renovations are currently taking place at the restaurant, but it is unclear if they are in relation to the discovery of the body.

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