Confronting photo of elderly woman on train triggers debate – what would you do?

The photo sparked debate when it was shared by Daniel Williams to a Bondi community Facebook group.

Many people condemned the elderly woman’s fellow commuters. 

“Absolutely pathetic,” one man wrote. “No consideration for the elderly at all.”

An elderly woman pictured standing on a train. The location is up for debate. Source: Facebook

Another woman wrote it was “awful and sad” while another said it was “disgusting”. 

“There is always more than one side to every picture,” one woman wrote, not wanting to issue blame.

“I think maybe you should have said something to the folks sitting,” one woman wrote.

A man wrote Mr Williams “should have told those f***s to stand up instead of just taking a photo”.

Mr Williams wrote in response that it was not his photo and he didn’t know who took it, but had decided to share it because he’s “sick of seeing this daily”. 

“Not sure if this is Sydney, but I’ve seen it before in Sydney all the time,” he wrote.

She may have ‘been getting off at the next stop’

One woman suggested maybe the woman didn’t want a seat.

“If nobody offered that’s s***, but they may have offered,” she wrote.  

“This person may have also got off on the next stop? Also sitting down and getting up again can be more painful than just standing. 

“There is always more than one side to every picture.”

People were disgusted by the fact no one stood for the woman on the train. Source: Getty Images (file pic)

Mr Williams said he  was on crutches through December and was one of the people who required a courtesy seat because he couldn’t get up and down train stairs.

“So often young adults, sometimes school students, would sit there without a care in the world and I’d have to ask them to move,” he wrote.

“I personally think it should come down to common sense as to who needs the courtesy seat the most.”

The picture was also shared on Facebook page Aussie Aussie Aussie Aussie with more than 21,000 shares where it got similar responses.

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