Concrete 'Lego' figures hidden around Aberdeen

Spaceman Lego
Look out for this astronaut if you are near the city's science centre

Lego-inspired concrete mini figures have been hidden at locations throughout Aberdeen.

The designer of the models - who is only known as The Sketchy Maker - has put 15 of the characters in different spots.

The designs include a Shell worker, a train driver, a medic, a wizard, a surfer and a pilot.

The artist said: "The project is to get me to smile a bit and get other people to smile a bit."

He used 3D-printed models, silicon moulds and concrete to create the characters.

Exxon Lego figure
This model of an Exxon worker was inspired by Aberdeen's links to the oil industry
Surfer Lego person
Head towards the seafront if you want to find this surfer
Sailor Lego character
This sailor has a good view of the North Sea from its location

The Sketchy Maker told BBC Scotland News said: "It is a lot of fun making them, but it is also a lot of fun sharing them with people."

People online have been getting in touch with the artist to let him know they have found the items.

However, one character has lost its head during the recent windy weather.

Shell Lego design that has lost its head
This Shell-inspired character lost its head in recent windy weather
Medic Lego character
Not even a medic could help with a lost head
All of the Lego designs
The artist said the process started as something simple before getting more complex

The Sketchy Maker said he might make more designs and has had interest from across the globe.

He said: "I'd like to do some in other cities and maybe more in Aberdeen.

"I've even had people contact me from Canada and America.

"I'm working on something for Valentine's Day, it is still Lego-related but a bit different."

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