'Concerning' note discovered in Sydney apartment building: 'GROSS'

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Residents living in a Sydney apartment building have stumbled across a "concerning" notice from a frustrated neighbour complaining about someone's "gross" habit.

The note addressed to the "disgusting person" who "keeps on vomiting over their balcony" was posted on Reddit by a friend of a person living in a Redfern Diecorp complex next to the train station.

"STOP DOING IT!" the letter reads.

A note which details someone complaining about their neighbours vomiting habits at a Sydney apartment in Redfern.
The note is addressed to the 'disgusting person' who 'keeps on vomiting over their balcony'. Source: Reddit

"Your neighbours don't appreciate cleaning YOUR vomit off our balconies, outdoor furniture, our clothes we are drying outside or ourselves if we're outside trying to enjoy using our balcony when you decide to vomit over the edge of your balcony.

"Respect your neighbours and keep your vomit within your own apartment!"

Since it was posted on Friday morning, the post has received almost 100 comments from perplexed readers.

One Reddit user said they "can't even fathom the person's mindset."

"The fact that this happens often enough that they needed to put a note up about it like wow," they said.

"I could understand and get over a one time occurrence if they had a party and their drunk friend booted over the side but like.... What? Do they not have a bathroom?

"Is it a naturalist thing where they don't want to be confined in a room and prefer to do some casual vomming out in nature with a nice view?"

Another Reddit user gave some advice on how to approach this situation.

"A quick call to strata can tell you if the place is rented or not. If it is, another call to the REA and file a complaint," they said.

Reddit users share own experiences with neighbours

Many empathised with the note's frustrated author and shared their own "gross" experiences.

"We had smokers two floors above ashing and throwing butts. Our outdoor furniture was covered in ash. I had enough when a lighter was dropped and it exploded outside our sliding door," one person commented.

"Turns out there were fourteen people living in this two bed apartment. I contacted the real estate and they got evicted."

Another detailed their neighbours unusual and frankly illegal habit.

"Lived in an apartment in the inner west, and the guy upstairs cbf going to the bathroom from his room at night, and would piss off the balcony (until one night we all screamed at him)," they wrote.

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